What I have done

Dankert Skagen

Fisheries Science Consultant

What I have done

Having worked at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen, Norway for over 20 years, I reached retirement age in the autumn 2010.

After that, I have established a one-man business, and can offer my experience to those who may find it useful.


Previous work experience includes:


  • Fish stock assessment, including chairing several ICES assessment working groups.
  • Development and evaluation of several management plans, as well as co-chairing the ICES Study Group on Management Strategies.
  • Surveys (acoustic and bottom trawl).
  • Fish tagging studies.
  • Monitoring epizootics.
  • Stomach sampling and analysis of stomach data.
  • Teaching assessment methods, both at ICES and at IMR.
  • Development of software for stock assessment and management plan evaluations (SXSA, Fleksibest, AMCI, TASACS, STPR, HCS).


Since retirement in 2010, I have

    • chaired or participated in various assessment and benchmark working groups, including

      • the GFCM Assessment Working Group on Small Pelagics in the Mediterranean,

      • review of the assessment of Canadian 4VWX herring

      • benchmark review of demersal stocks West of the British Isles (ICES)

      • North Sea and Western Baltic herring management plans (ICES)

      • benchmark review of various Nephrops stock (ICES)

      • benchmark review of assessment and management plans for sardine (Biscay and Iberia - ICES)

    • taken part in the project ENAC at IMR on fish stock management in a changing environment

    • served as consultant for Global Trust Inc, Det Norske Veritas and BV Iberia on certification of various fisheries (MSC and FAO criteria)

    • contributed to the Blue whiting focus group of the Pelacic RAC

    • served as consultant for Fiskebåt (The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Association) on research priorities and on stock assessment issues

    • given lectures and training courses in various fora.

    • and done several smaller jobs for various clients.


    Before entering fisheries science, I had my education in medicine and mathematics, and worked in medicine, in cell biology and cellular kinetics and as university teacher in internal medicine.

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