What I can do

Dankert Skagen

Fisheries Science Consultant

What I can do

If you want independent and fair scientific guidance on assessment and management of fish stocks, this is what I can do for you:

Working as a one-man business, I am available for assignments:


  • of small and medium magnitude (up to a few man months),
  • as stand-alone jobs or as participant in project teams
  • at a reasonable price.


Main fields:

  • Fish stock assessments:
    • Evaluate data, outline limitations and suggest improvements.
    • Advise on methodology
    • Perform assessments


  • Management strategies:
    • Design and simulation testing of decision rules
    • Provide simulation software
    • Evaluate proposed rules with respect to performance and compatability with international standards


  • Teaching and training in fish stock assessment and management advice
  • Participation in, or chairing assessment teams and working/study groups
  • Review of assessment and management plan evaluation work
  • Advise on likely developments in stocks and fishing opportunities.


Key principles for my work:

  • Fair, neutral, balanced
  • Know what really matters and stick to essentials
  • Know the limitations and find solutions
  • Dialogue
  • Get the job done.

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