What I have done


Fisheries Science Consultant

Having worked at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen, Norway for over 20 years, I reached retirement age in the autumn 2010.

After that, I have established a one-man business, and can offer my experience to those who may find it useful.


Previous work experience includes:


Fish stock assessment, including chairing several ICES assessment working groups.

Development and evaluation of several management plans, as well as co-chairing the ICES Study Group on Management Strategies.

Surveys (acoustic and bottom trawl).

Fish tagging studies.

Monitoring epizootics.

Stomach sampling and analysis of stomach data.

Teaching assessment methods, both at ICES and at IMR.

Development of software for stock assessment and management plan evaluations (SXSA, Fleksibest, AMCI, TASACS, STPR, HCS).


Since retirement in 2010, I have


  • taken part in the project ENAC at IMR on fish stock management in a changing environment
  • chaired or participated in various assessment and benchmark working groups, including
  • the GFCM Assessment Working Group on Small Pelagics in the Mediterranean,
  • review of the assessment of Canadian 4VWX herring
  • demersal stocks West of the British Isles (ICES)
  • North Sea and Western Baltic herring management plans (ICES)
  • various Nephrops stock (ICES)
  • served as consultant for Global Trust Inc, Det Norske Veritas and BV Iberia on certification of various fisheries (MSC and FAO criteria)
  • contributed to the Blue whiting focus group of the Pelacic RAC
  • served as consultant for Fiskeb├ąt (The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Association) on research priorities and on stock assessment issues
  • given lectures and training courses in various fora.
  • and done several smaller jobs for various clients.



Berfore entering fisheries science, I had my education in medicine and mathematics, and worked in medicine, in cell biology and cellular kinetics and as university teacher in internal medicine.